Helen Rusinoff

Helen Rusinoff

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Hungry Ducks approach me in search of dinner! Taken at Irvine, California in the Spring of 2011.

Helen Rusinoff has uploaded I Can Fly!

Little Duckling doing a happy wing flap, and showing (surprisingly) very few actual feathers!

Late Sunset, Irvine California, May 2011.

Sunset in Irvine, California, 2011.

Lady Duck, who seems to be posing for the camera :) Taken at Irvine, California, May 2011.

Helen Rusinoff has uploaded Ladybug

Closeup of a Ladybug crawling on a branch.

Helen Rusinoff has uploaded Big Tree

Photo of a beautiful Tree, taken on a beautiful day at Irvine, California in 2011.

A Hummingbird perched on a young oak tree. Hummingbirds tend to be very curious and will sometimes fly up very close to look at a person or an unfamiliar object. This photo was taken in Irvine, California in 2011.

A Mourning Dove who had some trouble deciding as to how close it was going to let me approach it with the camera. This photo was taken only about 3-4 feet away from the bird. Taken at Irvine, California 2011.

Picture of a Crow perched on top of an electrical tower. I thought it was funny because it was sitting just above the warning sign. Taken at Irvine, California, Spring of 2011.

Helen Rusinoff has uploaded The Ducks

Picture of a Duck family taken in the spring of 2011 in Irvine, California.