Péter Fodor

Péter Fodor

Hello, everyone! I am a Hungarian photographer with a wide range of interest. I have tried a variety of genres; I equally enjoy portrait, landscape, nature and urban photography. I have also done some basic digital art. I am enthusiastic about fine art photography; I love experimenting, questioning, exploring, conversation - without which, there are no discoveries. I keep looking into my soul and wondering at this Universe - including the dark places as well. Thank you for your visit!

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A blog where I will attach a couple of thoughts to some of my photos, contemplating a bit about what ruled my soul and mind when I was working on the picture:


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Beim Spiel mit dem Bild fängt mein Herz an zu singen -
möge die leise Melodie beim Betrachter erklingen!


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All my photos are All rights reserved. They should not be reproduced in any way, and unauthorized use is strictly prohibited.

From a series of digital images that have resulted from contemplating philosophical, religious, spiritual and cultural questions.

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This image is one of the first steps in an experiment to combine painting with photography. It is also part of a bigger project aimed at exploring the inner world and seeking the transcendent.