Péter Fodor

Péter Fodor

Hello, everyone! I am a Hungarian photographer with a wide range of interest. I have tried a variety of genres; I equally enjoy portrait, landscape, nature and urban photography. I have also done some basic digital art. I am enthusiastic about fine art photography; I love experimenting, questioning, exploring, conversation - without which, there are no discoveries. I keep looking into my soul and wondering at this Universe - including the dark places as well. Thank you for your visit!

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A blog where I will attach a couple of thoughts to some of my photos, contemplating a bit about what ruled my soul and mind when I was working on the picture:


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    Fine art (57 pictures)

    My images which are supposed to convey conceptual, emotional and spiritual content. Mostly preconceived images edited to emphasize my thoughts and emotions.

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    My Nature (46 pictures)

    My images of the natural environment, including various scenes in Nature, landscapes, plant and animal photos. However, these images often differ from classic nature photos and lean toward fine art photography, since they are treated (sometimes only slightly enhanced, sometimes heavily edited) to mediate my own perception and emotions.

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    Digital creations (11 pictures)

    My images which, at least, borrow some elements from photography (I used my photos as components), but, are mostly preconceived and planned in advance before they are "assembled" in image editing software. These are typically conceptual images but, in some cases, they transmit emotional content.

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    Urban environment (13 pictures)

    My photos taken either in my hometown or other towns and cities; urban landscapes, details, architecture, mood and atmosphere. The main emphasis is on the environment; these images rarely show people living in these places. A little bit similar to my nature photos, the only difference is in that these places are of artificial origin (but, of course, existing in, surrounded and influenced by Nature). These pictures have another important thing that is common with those in the My Nature set: the treatment is supposed to transmit the subjective perception, thoughts, emotions. Thus, these images have very few in common with urban photos of the editorial kind.