Alex King

Alex King

My name is Alex King, my online name is foolishfox
I'm currently studying a bachelor of animation but i also love design and vector art.

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Alex King has uploaded Hot Coffee

Nothing like a morning coffee

Alex King has uploaded Sweety Sunrise

The cute bird peers into the winter sun out of the cool icy shadows

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Bryony Marie Fry is an Artist and a Musician born in 1988 in the U.K. She mainly produces unique multi-media pop art depicting images of Musicians. She also cover's many other subjects including nature, vintage fashion and digital artworks. She is currently working side by side with The Princes Trust Foundation to enable her business to get off the ground. She will donate a percentage of all profits to The Amy Winehouse Foundation and The Strummerville Foundation For New Music.

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Student photographer currently studying near Chicago, Illinois (USA).

Kunst Poster Shop. Bilder aus Sachsen vom Fotografen Falko Follert Art-FF77

Kaufen sie Kunst zum Günstigen Preisen in vielen Foto Bereichen

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Fotograf ART-FF77
Falko Follert FF77
Torgau 04860

Ich Arbeit in Torgau Sachsen in den Bereichen der Fotografie und der Malerei, dabei liegt immer die Kunst im Vordergrund.

Mein Kameras

- Canon EOS 40D
- Canon EOS 5D Marke 2

© Falko Follert 2008-2011
Alle meine hier gezeigten Kunstwerke/Bilder unterliegen dem gesetzlichen Urheberrecht. Jegliche Art von Manipulation, Vervielfältigung, Kopie, Verteilung, Verbreitung, Blogging, öffentlicher Wiedergabe oder sonstiger vergleichbarer Nutzung ist untersagt. Jeder Verstoß dagegen wird straf- und zivilrechtlich geahndet.

Art Posters Store. Pictures from Saxony by photographer Falko Follert Art FF77

They buy art for reasonable prices in many areas Photo

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Photographer ART-FF77
Falko Follert FF77
Torgau 04860

I work in Torgau, Saxony, in the fields of photography and painting, the art is always in the foreground.

My cameras

- Canon EOS 40D
- Canon EOS 5D Mark 2

© 2008-2011 Falko Follert
All my works of art shown here / images subject to copyright laws. Any kind of manipulation, reproduction, copying, distribution, dissemination, blogging, public reproduction or other similar use is prohibited. Any other use is punishable under criminal and civil penalties.

Wo man mich noch finden kann


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I was born n 1979 in Gdansk, Poland and I'm currently working as a graphic designer. As a son of a painter and designer I had contact with art in many forms since the very young age. In 2007 I started using computer for drawing and mixing traditional outlines with digital backgrounds and colours, in 2009 I've befriended my own wacom intuos. I try to found inspirations in everyday life and people I meet.

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June was born in 1973 in Thailand. Her educational background in Law and MBA has absolute nothing to do with her art. June's former career is in foreign services ; she worked for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand for 10 years before realizing that bureaucracy was not her path while drawing has always been her hobby and "refuge". Her work has been inspired by naivety of childhood, song lyrics and colour. And after living in Thailand, Russia, Romania, Turkey and Singapore, June has finally found a place to call home ; she lives now in Berlin with a cat named Onion.

Alex King has uploaded Sweet Hilltop

A loving couple enjoying a morning chirp

Alex King has uploaded Home sweet Home

a cute piece to show the warm loving nature of a home sweet home

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Founder & CEO of ARTFLAKES. Likes awesome photography.