Francesco Castellani

Francesco Castellani

Lordh is an Amsterdam based graphic designer and member of Hello, Savants! collective.
His experience takes place from graffiti, lettering, typography as well as modern art from which he draws the feeling for proportion, balance and aesthetic harmony which emerge in his compositions.
An important source of inspiration is also astronomy and its imagery which appears revisited in his artworks.
Points, lines and shapes are combined in synergy to come to a sense of minimalism, dynamism and order; reaching a sharp representation of the connections between moving objects.

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Francesco Castellani is now following Jim Keaton


I started building art through design with digital pixels and vectors. This lead to transparent layers of grayscale and color.
Each piece of digitally designed art is built from colonies of brushes developed in CS5 from previous work.

The brushes evolve the art.

I am an art director, graphic designer and digital artist based in Milan, Italy.

I have worked for over a decade in different areas of art direction, web-design and interactive communication, graphic motion design and 3d CG, branding and visual identity.
Currently I work in as a senior art director.

I believe good ideas can be applied to anything, I like using and mixing different material and techniques.


illustrator, graphic-designer, photographer
born in 1985
live in Turkey

Paul Robson (aka Muro) is a graphic designer, illustrator and typographer from the UK. Paul studied typography at the London Institute from 1997 to 2000, which has led to a varied creative career, and has seen him working in many design and advertising agencies throughout the UK. Muro Buro is a fictional name set up to showcase his personal design projects, which are produced outside of his daily agency work. The word Muro came from Paul starting out as a graffiti artist in 1990, and he still uses the word for all his creative outputs.

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