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This is a portrait of photographer Kathrine Whitney.

This image captures the unique curiosity and boundless imagination of a child. She represents the intention of art which provokes seeking out answers through asking questions, rather than art that gives answers. Art should not answer the question. It should make you ask it.

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Walking through the streets of Baltimore, all you will see is concrete. While walking through the forest of steel and lights, it was suprising to find a small patch of grass and a pink flower poking through the cement. Drops of water held over from the morning showers sparkled in the sun.

A deconstructed view of a woman's face.

Study of the profile of a human skeleton, zooming in on the pelvis region.

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Iinoleum lino-cut print
Signed originals available at through the contacts page.
Originals $100+shipping
Formal description comming soon

A girl walks through a wooded forest path attempting to find what she has been searching for. She walks slowly, cautiously, in an attempt to not be startled by it or even worse, to miss it.

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It's summer, but the river is still cold, especially closer to the spring... I dabble my toes in the muddy water and watch the silt washed from the old mines swirl in circles around my feet. I breathe deep and check my straps in preperation for the plunge. I close my eyes inhale deep, and splash into the deeper part of the river with a brisk and refreshing splash.