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Fred Whyte

Fred Whyte

With graffiti being one of hip hop’s main elements, (street) art and hip hop go hand in hand.

Especially when the art itself visualizes parts of the hip hop culture.
That’s where Fred Whyte comes in.

The illustrator from France creates art that’s basically always related to hip hop.

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Tis piece don't need description... Real Hip Hop Headz knows what I'm talking about....

SP-1200, MPC 60, TR-808, Turntables,etc...

Acrylic & Alkyd Oil on Canvas - 2010

Acrylic & Alkyd Oil on Illustration Board

A Composition about the Golden Era of Hip Hop during the 90's.

From Buckshot to B.I.G, Kool G Rap, Krs One, Nasty Nas, Rakim, A Tribe called Quest, Pete Rock, D.I.T.C, Boot Camp Click, Gangstarr, Redman & the Wu...

Acrylic & Alkyd Oil on Illustration Board - 2010

This piece is a part of the "Mecca & the Soul Drawer" series