Gabrielle Therin-Weise

Gabrielle Therin-Weise

Our love for exploring the world began at the end of the eighties in a plane high over the Andes where a man showed us his passport stamped in several Antarctic scientific bases. We immediately decided that we had to go there. That was the beginning of numerous adventurous trips to many remote parts of the world. After the Antarctic, the Weddell Sea, Falkland Islands and South Georgia, other destinations like Alaska, the Kuril Islands, Chukotka, the Pribilofs, the Aleutians, the Subantarctic Islands of New Zealand and Australia, Mongolia, Ethiopia and many other places more or less known followed on the seven continents. In 2005, we changed from slides to digital photography.

Our pictures appear on a regular basis on the UNESCO World Heritage website as well as in brochures and exhibitions related to conservation.

G & M Therin-Weise

Mexico, Yucatan, Uxmal, by Gabrielle Therin-Weise (5 works)