Geoffrey Gilson

Geoffrey Gilson

Born in Liege, Belgium 1979. Bachelor in Forestry and Environment, passionate by nature and photography.
I approach contrasted topics such as long exposure,nature, architecture, landscapes.
Focus on fine-art black & white printings.

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World war II building sinking in the sand @ Wissant, Nord-pas-de-calais, France.

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Blue steel-glass building in Barcelona, Spain.

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Long exposure shot of The Forum building in Barcelona, Spain.

The Tihange Nuclear Power Station, along with Doel Nuclear Power Station, is one of the two large-scale nuclear power plants in Belgium. It is located on the right bank of the Meuse River in the Belgian district of Tihange, part of Huy municipality in the Walloonian province of Liège.

Under the Pismo Pier, Pismo Beach, CA.

Liege-Guillemins train station, Belgium by Calatrava.

Long exposure a Swedish beach.

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Jetty Long exposure in Sweden@dawn.

Picture taken in Sweden. Long exposure from the beach with floating boats.