Giada Fiorindi

Giada Fiorindi

Hi! I'm an italian illustrator & graphic designer.

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Artist / Illustrator / Designer living in Los Angeles, CA.

BFA from The College of Visual Arts in St. Paul, MN.

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Marco Tavolaro, alias Malcolmo, is an italian visual artist based in Madrid, Spain.
His style is based on the visual representation of the functional characteristics of the two cerebral hemispheres, each of them linked to the opposite hand. Usually the black part is drawn with the right hand and corresponds to the left cerebral hemisphere: no proportions, no perspective, a lot of visual detail, rational part home of the ego. The red one is drawn with the left hand (right hemisphere): 3D representation, synthetic, dreaming and creative side. His working tools include from bic pens and acrylic paint on paper or canvas, to digital painting, animation and video editing.
His major achievement up to now is the selection as winning artist of the "Art Stars International Competition 2011", wich brought to the realization of an Art Star, a 1,59m diameter star, made of a wooden structure skinned in American denim, for Ralph Lauren UK.
More info at:

”Pazzesco! Mi piace tantissimo quello che fai. Complimenti abbondanti!“
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Ulrike lebt und arbeitet in Berlin. Als freie Künstlerin und Designerin umfasst ihr Arbeitsfeld sowohl Malerei und Grafik, als auch Projekte für Film und Theater, Illustration und Konzept Design. Mehr zu Ulrikes Arbeiten findet ihr unter

''Willkommen in meiner Bilderwelt!'' :)

Ulrike lives and works in Berlin. Her field of work comprises graphical art work, illustrations, conceptual and costume designs as well as their practical realization.
More artwork and informations about Ulrike you can find on

''Welcome!'' :)

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Graphic designer, Illustrator & filmmaker

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Sabrina Tibourtine wurde 1979 in Paris geboren und wuchs gut behütet im Sauerland auf. Nach mehreren Europaeskapaden, einem gescheiterten Kunstgeschichts-und-einem geglückten-Designstudium arbeitet sie seit 2005 als freiberufliche Illustratorin und Animatorin unter dem Namen "EINE DER-GUTEN" in Köln. Sabrina Tibourtine lehrte ausserdem an der Hochschule Niederrhein “Animation und Handzeichnung”. ” 2008 gewann sie den Alternativen Medienpreis für ihr Minisprech Projekt.

Hochschule Niederrhein (Kommunikationsdesign)
University of East London (Graphic Design)

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I currently live in Plymouth, but grew up on the Mediterranean island of Ibiza, and the sunny seaside of Dorset. From grass to grey my journey has brought me to Plymouth city where I found my work rebelling against my country upbringing and reflecting a growing interest in the grunge and grime of the urban environment. Everything I discover around me has potential... urban detritus, peeling paint and filthy concrete structures. I find the ugly and mundane to be beautiful, its character and stories inspiring. Illustrator and printmaker. Age:24 -Female- Contact: