Grant Wilson

Grant Wilson

I am an Amateur Artist who enjoys pen and digital drawing. I draw a wide range of styles, starting with pen and bringing in digital elements with colour and sometimes effects. I hope you enjoy my work, thanks for looking!

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Grant Wilson has uploaded Lightness

Pen drawing drawn with Edding fineliner.

Coloured digitally in Photoshop Elements.

Pen drawing on cartridge paper with Pilot 0.3 fine-liner. 2011.

Grant Wilson has uploaded Love of Mars

Pen drawing with digital colour. A sci-fi image on a distant world.

Grant Wilson has uploaded Op Art 1

Pen drawing altered digitally in photoshop elements. I think this is "Op Art" by an artist called Bridget Reilly [might have the name wrong] as it is very reminiscent of her style.

Grant Wilson has uploaded Sketchpad

Pen drawing in the form of a Sketchpad and scrap paper.

Grant Wilson has uploaded Stage Fright

Pen drawing using digital elements. A fantasy involving the Stage of life!

Grant Wilson has uploaded Golden Angel

Pen drawing using fine-liner. A fantasy image drawn on Sketch paper 2011.

Pen drawing with Surrealist elements. The picture was drawn on Daler-Rowney high quality sketch paper. 2011.