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When the snow had melted these guys appeared, and are now happily sunbathing!
Photographic, digitally aided

photography – digital manipulation – use only my own photos in my work! ©Gréta Thórsdóttir
as an iPhone cases

Valerie Anne Kelly aka valzart is an Artist living on a mountain in Spain & by a river in UK. Valz is mostly working with Tradigital Art these days – Pioneering Art from the heART -enhancing her Traditional paintings & Photography in her Digital Studio.
This is not the end - This is just the beginning...
Having exhibited in galleries, sold all over the world and undertaken many commissioned works.. All her works have full copyright...V.KellyUK©CS
email - Valz(at)

Photography by Lena Weisbek.

Be inspired by the photographic art that has become passion and drug for this graphic designer. Her focus is on the abstraction of the ordinary, she shows her way of seeing things, but the intention is to display and to evoke emotion.
In her photographs – often caused by experiment – she lets the form... more or less.. diffluence and dissolve apparently.. The shape, free of their functionality, thus giving place free for personal interpretations of the viewer.

“The essence of the creative act is to see the familiar as strange.“

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digital art, watercolor, mixed media,