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Gustavo Duarte

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Oh hi!
Red headed adventurer, graphic artist, polaroid maniac and crazy cat lady.
Don't hesitate to contact me with questions or to only say hello!

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I graduated in 2000 as MA Graphic Designer at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, Austria. After freelancing in Vienna, I founded Bencium. I have since worked for European, UK and US clients in several different industries. I have lectured at the London College of Fashion and GCU London. I am Lead Designer at Red Hot Penny, UK.

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I'm young product designer who has a crush on graphic design.

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Paul Robson (aka Muro) is a graphic designer, illustrator and typographer from the UK. Paul studied typography at the London Institute from 1997 to 2000, which has led to a varied creative career, and has seen him working in many design and advertising agencies throughout the UK. Muro Buro is a fictional name set up to showcase his personal design projects, which are produced outside of his daily agency work. The word Muro came from Paul starting out as a graffiti artist in 1990, and he still uses the word for all his creative outputs.

To see more of Paul's work visit:

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Born and living in Gdansk, Poland (at least today).


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Nestled in the beautiful city Barcelona, I happily weave my imagination for clients across the world, applying hand-drawn and computer-based imagery to a range of visual mediums; from fine arts to fashion, from editorial to advertising, to books and textiles and much much more.

I find inspiration in a wide variety of places. Living between Barcelona and Amsterdam I feel at ease with the visual landscapes of both cities. As art and fashion capitals, they are a byword for innovation, creativity and metropolitan edge. I find inspiration at my doorstep...

Anna Bours

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Wilmer Murillo is an illustrator and graphic artist from Honduras (Central America).

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I was Born in Buenos Aires, Argentine, in 1973, where I continue to live now.
I am both, illustrator and graphic designer and frequently combine these two creative aspects in my work. I enjoy illustrating everything: books, toys, notebooks, stickers, puzzles, posters, magazines, movies, CD covers, calendars, advertising, or vinyls.
My books have been published in Argentine, France, México and Spain.

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I am a Scottish illustrator and street artist.

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Illustratin' and stuff.

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Diseñador gráfico & Ilustrador mexicano, Ajua!

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I currently live in Plymouth, but grew up on the Mediterranean island of Ibiza, and the sunny seaside of Dorset. From grass to grey my journey has brought me to Plymouth city where I found my work rebelling against my country upbringing and reflecting a growing interest in the grunge and grime of the urban environment. Everything I discover around me has potential... urban detritus, peeling paint and filthy concrete structures. I find the ugly and mundane to be beautiful, its character and stories inspiring. Illustrator and printmaker. Age:24 -Female- Contact:

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I started building art through design with digital pixels and vectors. This lead to transparent layers of grayscale and color.
Each piece of digitally designed art is built from colonies of brushes developed in CS5 from previous work.

The brushes evolve the art.

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I am a Belgium based illustrator. I am what I truly love most: a self-employed illustrator and graphic designer. Not a day goes by without drawing, painting, sculpting, you name it.

I was born in Madrid in 1981 in the tender age of zero. As it was hard to express myself in words, I started doing so by drawing. Since then I comunicate better with a pencil than talking.

I was never a good student. The only thing I liked were the textbooks with ilustrations and if not, I would fill the white parts with my scrabbles. The relationship I had with my teachers was never productive, it is not good to mingle a bad student with dull and demotivating teachers. With seventeen I started studying in a drawing school, but the teachers I had weren't very enthusiastic either. So I finished school and decided to become autodidactic and finally live from my drawings, since they lived from me.Thankfully or consequentlly to my stuburness, I spent a long time in my room improving and after a lot of effort, I finally got my first jobs.

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Benjamin Bay has been working as a Graphic Artist since 2003, mainly in publishing and advertising. Residing in Connecticut, USA, he offers his creative services for both commission and licensing. Please visit for more info.

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Graphic designer, Illustrator & filmmaker