Heiko Müller

Heiko Müller

My art comes from an urge to explore. I like the countryside. I like a good view. And once I’m face to face with a lovely scenery, I feel immediately tempted to find out what it’s concealing. The dark goings-on behind the façade of nature, you might say, or the hidden machinations of the animal kingdom.

To imagine and express this, I usually tap the lines linking religious icon art, renaissance painting and comic culture. I am particularly thrilled by the kind of spiritual terror you find expressed in the paintings of the old Flemish masters, and I’m trying to find out what happens when you apply that mood to the serene and harmless world of rural folk art.

I am based in Hamburg, Germany, but my stuff has also been shown in such diverse places as Estonia, New York, Paris, Saint Petersburg, Los Angeles, Seattle and Chicago. When not busy with art or media work, I can usually be found painting pictures with my two little sons.

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I was born and raised 100km west of Melbourne, in Ballarat a19th century gold rush town and grew up in a household full of arts and crafts (padded tissue boxes that gave way to elegant and sophisticated embroidery from my mother and functional and solid woodwork from my father)

A passion for all things creative guided me through childhood and in high school, I explored the worlds of art, Drama and that is where (with the help of being given my fathers camera) I discovered photography.

I received a Bachelor of illustrative photography from Royal Melbourne Institute of technology in 2000 and then as the world of photography changed from analogue to digital I decided I needed to continue my education and in two 2003 received a masters of Multimedia Design.

My work has always been a combination of elements with photographs being the base and moving up from there with many layers of texture and text, all to create something I find beautiful.

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Jesse Treece is a collage artist living in Seattle, Wa whose work screams of the simple, yet ever complex, interpretations of both the mundane and whimsical facets of life. He’s somehow managed to mix both the regular and absurd, beautiful and disturbing and put them into images that you find you could get lost in for hours. His tools of the trade include scissors, glue and vintage magazines/books.



I was born in Buenos Aires (Argentina) I painted and drew from an early age. I currently work in digital painting, oil painting, illustration and matte pattings

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illustrator, graphic-designer, photographer
born in 1985
live in Turkey


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Meine große Leidenschaft ist die Natur. In meinen Bildern versuche ich, mit fröhlichen Farben,ihre Schönheit einzufangen.
Der Schwerpunkt meiner Arbeiten liegt im Aquarell, dabei
interessieren mich nicht nur Pflanzen und Tiere, sondern ganz alltägliche Dinge wie der Sonnenschein, Licht und Schatten oder das Glitzen eines Regentropfen.
Seit ich zu malen angefangen habe sehe ich die Welt mit anderen Augen!
Meine Bilder finden Sie auch unter:
mygall.net/MariaInhoven ,auch Kalender 2012

I'm a professional photographer based in Singapore.

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Naomi is a poet.
A poet who paints her poems with the grace and skill of the great. Each work of her tells, indeed, whisper a story.
With delicate, almost on tiptoe, Naomi gives us frames of images that exist in her eyes and dreams.
With her evanescent figures that scan us almost conscious of being Looked with the merge and overlap of scenes that mark and confusing Space and time, Naomi is an artist who though young, has already her recognizable style and unmistakable.
With her "doing art" she knows what she wants and knows how to communicate.
Surely one of the most interesting proposals in the international art scene.
Roberto Ronca (Art Curator)

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Gary Grayson, a talented and versatile artist from Arlington, Texas, received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from University of Texas. He worked for over 30 years in advertising and graphic design, and as a successful freelance illustrator. In 1999, Gary opened Artefacts-Antiques.com, an art gallery showcasing his work and others, fulfilling a lifetime dream. His talents have been widely acclaimed and his work can be found in many private and corporate collections around the world. You can also purchase prints directly from Gary.

When you purchase a piece of Gary's art, please send him your mailing address via email, so that he may send you an authentication certificate with his signature, that you can keep with the art for investment purposes.

If you are on Gary's watchlist and would consider trading prints please email him - gary(at)graysondesign.com, use FineArtAmerica to send him a print and he will send you a print of equal size. He has an Epson 7600, 6 color printer and can print up to 23 inches wide on Epson Enhanced Matte museum quality paper.


Art and photography has completely changed my life both thinking and the way I choose to live my life.

For 20 years working as photographer and related jobs, bring me load of time spending with myself and also be able to explore the things surrounding such as human, nature and life.

A camera is such a media to express my ideas, my feeling and my soul while an abstract that shown truly I am will always hide in my work.

An art history helps getting the way of working; Thought changes .... Works changes.

The basic is our mind. A fineness of thought and feeling will create beautiful and creative works.

I consume variety of arts everyday for myself inspirations and un-cling my thought all the time.

I always racing with myself and that bring me a happiness.

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Hola! I ́m full time graphic designer and sometimes illustrator based in Caracas, Venezuela.

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Illustrator girl based in Guatemala City, her work is a collection of surreal characters, strange worlds and lovely-freaky stuff.

Website: http://www.muxxi.me
Blog: http://blog.muxxi.me
Twitter: @Muxxi

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graphic design & illustration

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My name is Hanna and I'm a illustrator, photographer and graphic designer from Gothenburg, Sweden.

I like good coffee, owls, guitars, wii, belgian beer, nice shoes, graveyards, food, football and other stuff that makes life sweet!

Hope you'll enjoy my work!

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I have been illustrating for over 30 years and have been lucky enough to have been publised by Accent UK and Running Press. I specialise in Sci Fi and Comic Art and have currently been selling portraits.
I am in the process of creating my own comic books and I am working closely with editors and other illustrators to expand on some more ideas....

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Born 1984, Moldova. Lives and works in Israel. Tamy arrived Israel in 1990 and lives today in Hadera. She painted under the tutelage of Master Painter Eduard Grossman.
Now days her painting style changed to an action painting technique, influenced by artists like Helen Frankenthaler and Jackson Pollock.

"...Like Echoing Voices Blending From Beyond That In Impenetrable Depth Unite, Vast As The Planet Clothed In Dark Or Light, Scents, Colors, Also Sounds, Do Correspond..."

Quotation from an artical about Tamy

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We are Ilya and Margarita(or Zilasaule). We collaborate since 2005 on art, illustration and book design. We use different colors, pencils, photo-cameras, computers and other objects during the process, depending on their suitability for defined aims.

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• meiner einer liebt kräftige Farben und ein wenig Magie,was sich in den Bildern wiederspiegelt
( Carpe Diem - Freddy Sahin-Scholl )

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Yana Krachunova (PixelDelay) is an artist who has been working in the field of digital technologies for several years now. She was among the first graduates of the Digital Arts Masters Programme of the National Academy of Fine Arts - Sofia, Bulgaria, and started working mainly in the field of mobile technologies. She generally works in collaboration with other artists, and participates in various international projects in which the application of new media in art is explored. Currenly she s working as a creative director at CutieApps http://cutieapps.com. She is also the one half of the duo UberUnderground, which deals with experimental sound and vision in Bulgaria and Germany.

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BUCK is a professional photographer, artist and curator living in the Netherlands.