Olly Holovchenko

Olly Holovchenko

My name is Olly Holovchenko. I am a graphic designer and Illustrator currently based in Beijing. Check out my website - heloholo.com.
I draw, paint, doodle and scribble. With pen and ink, brush and watercolor, color pencils, Photoshop and Wacom. In any way that helps me to create colorful and positive art. And save the World.

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Design is my passion.

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john Duvengar is a French illustrator based in Rio de Janeiro where he works as a freelance designer. Influenced by the old comics and cartoons, his work focuses on shapes and style, and contributes to the "ART OF COOL".

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I am a french illustrator working for editions and magazines.
I am mainly inspired by books, stories, theâtre, and like to draw character with details, gestures, expressions, so that their entire mind could be read.

Marta Dlugolecka is an illustrator, originally from Warsaw, but currently living and working in London.
She graduated from Kingston University in 2010 in Illustration and Animation and is now completing her MA at the Royal College of Art.

”You have amazing sense of color! Your pictures are just magical! =)“
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Illustration from a series "The World of Threemen" (3menworld.com).

Illustration from a series "The World of Threemen" (3menworld.com).

Illustration from a series "The World of Threemen" (3menworld.com).

Illustration from a series "The World of Threemen" (3menworld.com).

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Illustration from a series "The World of Threemen" (3menworld.com)

Illustration from a series "The World of Threemen" (3menworld.com)

Illustration from a series "The World of Threemen" (3menworld.com)

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Illustration from a series "The World of Threemen" (3menworld.com)

Illustration from a series "The World of Threemen" (3menworld.com)

This is portfolio by a freelancer illustrator Kotryna Zukauskaite aka Kata Illustration.

//Looking for an AGENT for British/European market//

Vilnius - Moscow - London

BLOGS: kata-illustration.blogspot.com, http://kata-kiosk.tumblr.com/

PORTFOLIO: www.kata-illustration.com

FACEBOOK FAN PAGE: http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Kata-Kiosk/175076925843579

TWITTER: http://twitter.com/kata_illustrate

I'm inspired by symbols and metaphors, Aesopian Language, fairy-tales, folk tradition, ornaments, Hieronymus Bosch and European art of his life-time, education, diversity of human capacities and talents, brain explorations, statistics and other data, languages, literature, politics, social issues, and living in different countries.

Alma Littera publish., New Scientist magazine, Šviesa publish. (electronic educational games department), Scaent Baltic Energy, Miesto IQ magazine (IQ. The Economist since April 2010), Lithuanian National Television, Pravda magazine, Cukrus Magazine, YEN magazine, EU project 'Vilnius - European capital of culture 2009', UK STYLE shop in Moscow and others


Mistakes, 20/21-12-2008, in Project Fabric, Moscow

End-year show, June 2009, BSHAD, Moscow

Degree show Stick 'em up, June 2010, Kingston University, London

Stick 'em up #2, June 2010, LBI, London

End-year show, (as an ex-student), June 2010, BSHAD, Moscow

Haarlem Stripdagen, bi-annual event on a theme of Eastern European illustration, June 2010, Netherlands


Vodka Russian Standard, Christmas communication piece, winner, 2008, live project in BHSAD, Moscow

D&AD student awards, IN BOOK, 2009 (music video for pigsy in space)

Creative Quarterly, place in online gallery, issue 17 (published on december, 2009)

3x3 Merit winner in animation category (professional show), 2010


Collage/Montage (Hand-made / Adobe Photoshop) mixed with Vector illustrations (Adobe Illustrator)

Paris based illustrator and painter

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Rui Ricardo is an illustrator from Porto, Portugal, where he lives and works.
Developing drawing skills at an early age, he had his first work published at the age of fifteen. His love for illustration and comics made him follow an artistic career and, by the time he was finishing the course of graphic design at the fine arts university of Porto, he already had four graphic novels published, no to mention countless colaborations with magazines and local comics fanzines. An invitation from a major national TV production company started him in animation and background illustration for “Major Alvega” which is still the only portuguese TV production series to have ever been nominated for an Emmy award. After eight years doing animation and motion design for several TV shows, music videos and commercials, he started working exclusively as a freelance illustrator. Rui is represented in London by Folio, a major illustration agency established in 1976. Most of his work is editorial and he has colaborated with several magazines and newspapers like FHM, Men’s Fitness, The Times, The Telegraph, The Mail on Sunday, GQ, Popular Mehanics, Marketing Week, among many more. Outside the press, he has also worked for Unicef, Hasbro, Oxford University Press, Pearson, Usborne, Macmillan, Vodafone, FNAC, Samsung, Nathan, Defra (UK government department for environment, food and rural affairs), and many others.
When he is not drawing, he likes to travel with his partner or spend time at home with his dogs, his plants and his books.