Scott  Finch

Scott Finch

A digital artist working in meany themes but with a flair for exotic and "beach/alternative" work.

"Currently uploading wotk to Artflakes so more work on the way"

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This illustration is a take on "tiki bar" art and has a retro look about it.

A bright illustration on a dark subject matter, in a beach/surf art vain.

Scott Finch has uploaded Sun Set Dart

This painting is a Dendrobates leucomelas, or bubble bee poison dart frog. This little frog is sitting on a leaf in the lush jungles of south america.

Scott Finch has uploaded Red I Lagoon

A bright Illustration of a tiki red i beach

Scott Finch has uploaded Octopoker

What can i say, other than Old 8 armed willie here is one hell of a poker player. He has 8 arms no real expressions or mouth for that matter, and his moments of Anthropomorphism are few and far's not going to be easy to see when this guy's bluffing.