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Hindrek Hallik

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Als Fotokünstler setze ich mich intensiv mit drängenden gesellschaftlichen Themen auseinander. In meinen Werkreihen inszeniere ich diese Themen in neu- und einzigartigen Bildwelten, die mit starken Farben polarisieren, zur Reflexion anregen und einen Sichtwechsel bewirken wollen.

Website: www.unikatfabrik.de

In my work as fine art photographer I address urgently topical social concerns. In my photo sequences I expose these issues in terms of novel and compelling images of vivid and vibrant colors to polarize opinion, evince reflection and a shift of perspective.

Website: www.unikatfabrik.de/en

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Indre Bankauskaite also known as a freeminds is a freelance artist from Lithuania. You can follow her on https://www.facebook.com/freemindsart

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I grew up on the creative side of the advertising world
and had the pleasure of working with hundreds of clients
around the world; telling their unique stories in very unique ways.
Along the way, I've had the pleasure of working with an incredible number of talented photographers, directors, cinematographers and imagemakers.
I became envious of their art and craft. At first, I saw it as a means of reducing my stress-filled life.
As a Chief Creative Officer at the world's largest Advertising Agency Network, I needed a distraction.
So I bought a camera. And then another. And another.
My new hobby and daily "creative exercise regimen" quickly turned into a joy-filled and all consuming passion.

I love talking to all sorts of people and seem to have a knack for getting them to open up and share themselves
despite the intrusion and intimidation that a serious-looking camera often represents.

I like seeking out and sharing things I find interesting
Beautiful things. Powerful things. Poignant things.

I am incredibly patient and am often rewarded with moments of magic.

I also enjoy taking something ordinary and making it something well beyond that.
(To paraphrase Ansel Adams: "...making pictures, not just taking them.")
Illustration and painting are other passions and I love creating unique photocompositions.

One thing led to another and now I'm published, winning awards and having my work shown in galleries.


So here I am.
Open for business.
And open for any adventure that needs an image or two.

Take a look at my blog: http://alanwshapiro.blogspot.com
Follow me on twitter: @alansphotos

If you'd like to discuss a commission or project, send me a e-mail or call me at (914) 536-9923 U.S. Eastern Standard Time.

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Hindrek Hallik has uploaded Broccoli

Gouache and India Ink on canvas.

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Adman, art director, creative and curious.

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Laura Huser is an Ohio based artist exploring bittersweet themes through digital media.

Dear Creatures, her main series, is filled with works that contemplate the contradictory nature of women and their given place in society. At once soft and sharp edged. Magnetically attractive and repulsive. Innocent canvases where all erotic dreams are painted. Unsettling beauty is to be found in the darkest corners of the universe these creatures populate.

Her style pulls from many contemporary themes as well as Japanese animation and art. Many of her subjects include depictions of lovely geisha-like Asian women who she considers the epitome of female grace and beauty.

James Richard Smith is a Illustrator based in Sheffield UK


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Hi, thanks for stopping by! I'm a photographer, graphic artist and designer from Brazil that has always loved and lived art, I hope you enjoy my works as much as I enjoy creating them.

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Hi, my name is Quentin Leblanc @artofleb, i'm a graphic designer and a digital artist for 3 years, from Paris, France.

Hello. My name is Stasya and i'm 19 years old. I'm living in Russian Federation, in Saint-Petersburg. I have some hobbys, especially drawing. Also i'm taking photos, but not so often.
I was invited on this site by Martin Thesen, via Gmail.
I hope you'll like my art <3

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Ewald Müller
Geboren am 10.12.1953 in Frankfurt am Main
Studium für Grafik Design von 1979 bis 1984
in Frankfurt am Main
Freischaffender Illustrator, Maler und Grafik Designer

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Thalia is a learning artist who is very open minded.
Currently a 2nd year student at the Australian Academy of Design, she is studying her major in Graphic Design and a sub-major in Advertising.

She wishes to be more involved within the art/design community much more than she is for she believes the best way to grow as an artist/designer is to have as much experience as possible.

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Chi Chen (a.k.a. Bigblackmonkey) is a painter, illustrator, graphic artist, based in Auckland, New Zealand