Hola my peeps!!

Thanks for taking some time of your life to look at my page. Sometimes I wonder if people are really looking back at my page or designs. As all I can see back is a number of possible viewers. So please comment on anything and everything .. just a “hello” or “hola” is welcome!! .. critics are welcome too!

A little about myself:
.... Well I love my imagination... my girlfriend sometimes thinks “I’m crazy” in how much I think about. Even in the smallest of things. But all the time I try to think of creative things i could be doing, Instead of the boring and sometimes stressful school. I wish I could just go to school and take all the art classes I want. Drawing, painting, print, graphic design, sculpture .. so on.

... anyway about me.. I’m a graphic design student. in my spare time I paint and draw.. One of the things I want to buy is a welder and other tools ... I have done metal sculpture and I like it a lot. Another thing I would like is a studio that way I could do all the things I want in one place.

HMX 23 = well I dont really know.. Its a combination of my name “Hector” and where I’m from, “Mexico”. Anyway that’s a little about me..

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