Iain Clark

Iain Clark

Iain Clark is attracting much media attention and artistic recognition for his unique portraits. It is his passion for people that has led to his recent ascent as an in-demand portrait artist. Iain’s technique has been described by the Scottish National Portrait Gallery as “sitting somewhere between photography and painting”. The camera and the photograph are only the beginning of the creative process and the subsequent manipulation of the image creates a finished portrait which is intended to capture the essential person. Iain says,

“I am fascinated by the human condition and the huge variety of faces that I see every day. I believe that each and every one of us is unique and special. When I work on a portrait I strive to bring out something of the sitter’s soul.”

Iain Clark's work is a twenty-first century response to the eighteenth century art of portraiture. He digitally fuses image, colour and identity to create a 'new way of seeing'. His portraits of the Broadcaster Muriel Gray and the Hollywood actor Brian Cox are part of the permanent collection at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery in Edinburgh. His portrait of the artist David Mach is in the permanent collection of the National Portrait Gallery.

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