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like I said, this stone is the first weapon.

like I said, this stone is the first weapon.

like I said, this stone is the first weapon.

like I said, this stone is the first weapon.

like I said, this stone is the first weapon.

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using gas bomb is common event in my country. the gas bomb can hurt your lungs. but it can hurt your head also. how? the police fire the gas bomb like bullet to your head. it is new fasion in my country.

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this thing is the first weapon

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vietnam war was awful event in history. but wars have never stopped.

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a s t r a z e r o . n e t

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Franz Hergl - geboren 1927 - gestorben 2009

Nach über 2 Jahren Arbeit endlich fertig: der künstlerische Nachlass von Franz Hergl.
Sein komplettes Lebenswerk exklusiv bei Artflakes.

Franz Hergl - born 1927 - died 2009

After more than two years of work done at last: the artistic estate of Franz Hergl.
His entire life's work exclusively by Artflakes.

Welcome and thanks for having a look at my portfolio! I'm an Austrian emerging photographer living in Berlin, Germany. My interests range from travel photography, long exposure shots to black and white. Please don't hesitate to contact me for any requests you may have regarding my works. Just e-mail me: tkeuschn [at] googlemail [dot] com . Thank you!

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Mygall - http://www.mygall.net/Hergl
Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001889714771
Zoonar - http://www.zoonar.de/profile/NorbertHergl
Artflake - http://www.artflakes.com/de/shop/hergl

In this life I shall not be more true to a fixed style. Experimenting with different styles is just too much fun.

Ich hoffe, ich kann unseren grauen Alltag etwas in Farbe versetzen.

Irgendwann kommt in jedem Leben eines Künstlers der Moment, in dem er sich entscheiden muss: Möchte ich Kunst machen oder möchte ich Geld verdienen?
Möchte ich ein guter Künstler und ein schlechter Verkäufer sein, oder möchte ich ein guter Verkäufer und ein schlechter Künstler sein?
Die Alternative 50 % Künstler und 50 % Verkäufer würde lediglich einen halben Künstler bedeuten.


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Bryony Marie Fry is an Artist and a Musician born in 1988 in the U.K. She mainly produces unique multi-media pop art depicting images of Musicians. She also cover's many other subjects including nature, vintage fashion and digital artworks. She is currently working side by side with The Princes Trust Foundation to enable her business to get off the ground. She will donate a percentage of all profits to The Amy Winehouse Foundation and The Strummerville Foundation For New Music.