Igor Shrayer

Igor Shrayer

I live in Tel Aviv, Israel. A land of contrasts, beauty and passion - all things that have influenced me and my vision of the world and of my art. I continue to learn all the time and while my career as a computer scientist is rewarding, I am driven by my passion for Art. I have also studied Photography and Digital Art - which has helped me bring technology closer to my creativity. I have had some art training at a college here but many things are self taught. The contemporary art style attracts me and I am always looking for new concepts, ideas and techniques for various mediums. I have no set method and I am sometimes driven by spontaneity - this is usually linked to my mood at the time. Being able to change something that was planned midway, sometimes gives beautiful and unexpected results.
Modern abstract art allows me to share what I feel and think. While my paintings are an abstract shot of who I am I always hope that it touches someone in some way - giving purpose to my work.

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    Paris (2 pictures)

    I visit Paris almost each year because of my brother who lives there with his family. Every time I am discovering the city and benefiting from its wonders. I just wanted to show you some pictures of Paris, maybe they look not so ordinary, but it’s my point of view of Paris. “The city of light” or “The first city of love” or “The most beautiful city on earth” – you can call it as you wish! Everything is right! Come and see for yourself!