antonio maia

antonio maia

I am a lover of image manipulation in order to turn them into some kind of art.
That is the real reason for the disclosure of my work on platforms like Artflakes

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Martiniano Ferraz is an architect who lives in Recife, Brazil. It was during trips he discovered the pleasure of photographing. Currently his works are sold in stores and websites in Brazil and abroad.

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I love the variety of photography and especially of digital editing! I work with photography and digital manipulation of images since 2011!

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Barbelotta und Klaas

Einfach eine Künstlergemeinschaft
Gemeinsam sind wir Stark
Gemeinsam schaffen wir vieles

Wir freuen uns über Eure Zahlreichen Besuche
Und Einkäufe

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Ronny Ritschel, born in Germany is an international award winning photographer, author and workshop leader. Ronny’s photography has taken him to various places around the world including Iceland, United Arabe Emirates, Great Britain, Germany, Canada and the United States. More travel is in store. His photographs have been presented at national and international exhibitions and published in well-known magazines.

Completely self taught, Ronny Ritschel started taking pictures in late 2006 and over the years, has become specialized in fine art, landscape, architecture and street photography. At this time, he also began developing photographs to enhance his understanding of the pictures taking process. Finally, after nearly two years of taking pictures using analogue equipment, he switched to digital. In 2012, he now uses both methods. As a “hybrid” photographer he currently uses a Nikon FX (D800) and a large format 4×5 film camera (Chamonix 045N-2). He lives and works in Canada and Germany. Besides his work as a photographer, he is also the publisher of the German photography blog You can also find him on facebook at

“Photography is more than just knowing how to deal with your equipment. You have to train your vision and wait patiently for the right moment to capture that special view of the world. For this reason, art is always something personal...“

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Take a break from your daily routine and walk next to me for some time. I hope you will enjoy!! These are mostly self-portraits. As you can see, I like it dreamy, surreal & painterly....
"Think in unusual ways and it will spice up your day" ...I ́ve heard these pictures work as a reminder for that quote.
Spice it up & say hello to inspiration!

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Ali is an illustrator and designer based in Istanbul which he is mostly inspired by.
He makes illustrations for worldwide textile brands and many Turkish advertisement agencies.

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Das Bild finden ist der Anfang, es zu bearbeiten der Weg, es in meinen Augen stimmig fertigzustellen, das Ziel.

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I'm a California based photographer. My photography reveals the effect of human occupation within the landscape of contemporary environments. My pictures are made to document a time and a place, static treatments of our everyday modern urban landscape. These anonymous, sometimes featureless structures and locations exclude people but at the same time show the effect of human occupation and interaction.

Portuguese fine art, travel and commercial freelance photographer.

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Matteo Colombo is a professional photographer based in Italy, specializing in travel and landscape photography.

For more information, please visit my website at or follow me on Facebook

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A photographer from Scotland, my photographic collection is varied, but mostly landscapes, seascapes, streetscapes, castles, churches, buildings and bridges. I hope you enjoy my work, thank you for taking the time to visit.

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