mainly started out as a blogger, then widening horizonts took up photography on an amateur level.

The photos are documents of spontaneous time spending and my sporadic travels.

Simply trying to get the best out of my dig camera which is no DSLR, nor with a good lens. Dependent on its abilities , i catch what most "disturbs" my all-seeing eye.

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My preferred method is paperwork. I’m creating collages by using different kinds of illustrations, such as newspaper, books or calendars. For this handcraft I need good scissors and glue. I’m not using digital processing in my works.

My source of inspiration is life itself. Every encounter means inspiration. To express the vital forces is my intention.

When I start a new work, there is nothing I’m thinking of, no idea. It’s a flow. My intuition is leading me.

When the work is finished, I’m always surprised of the result. It’s a journey.

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”this one is my favourite . for the moment“
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Image Composer and Photographer !

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• meiner einer liebt kräftige Farben und ein wenig Magie ...Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year wünsche ich allen hier

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a bit burned picture of a fence with a view on to a field of ploughed land

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one of the cities landmarks, a nebaroque church i would say

solitary flower- more an outcrop - on a sandy track on a river bank

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arena, stadium, pillars, blocks, massive

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botany, green, bamboo, plant, curve, thin, garden, water

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up close shot of a red poppy in a botanical garden

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a blue boat floating on the lake Velence , Hungary, ahead of a storm

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I travel. I experiment. I learn. I teach. I live by following a simple rule: "I am kind to people, because I want to and that's the right thing to do."

About My Works

“Gyula has a keen eye for art and color which is apparent in his works. His photography reveals a true appreciation for culture and world travel.”

- @Michelle_Heng (

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”serene and peaceful, the image. a wonderful capture“
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a massive rock chair in Nagycenk, Hungary close to the castle of the Szechenyi noble family