Ine Spee

Ine Spee

I'm a free-lance illustrator and soon-to-be art teacher living in Belgium. My art is mostly whimsical and colourful, often depicting playful and happy scenes, as I believe we already have to deal with too much sadness in this world. My goal is to touch as many people as possible and to create a big smile on their face!

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Ine Spee has uploaded Cupcake

Mmmm, cupcake! Everyone loves cupcakes!
This image works very well for birthday cards.

This is a 100% digital illustration.

Ine Spee has uploaded Colour the Sky

Would this be how rainbows are made? Rainbow paint thrown off clouds to colour the sky.

This illustration was made using oil pastels and pencil on cardboard.

Ine Spee has uploaded Red Robin

An illustration of a red robin, probably one of the cutest little birds around (at least where I live). Their vibrant red chests are lovely!

Warm caring hands take care of me, make me feel safe.

This illustration is a linoprint which I manually cut and printed.

Ine Spee has uploaded Song of Goodbye

A sad song is being played on a guitar, to mark the leave of a good friend. Music notes turn into tears. Goodbyes are being said.

This image was cut in lino and then manually printed on paper.

Ine Spee has uploaded Tiger, My Friend

Peacefully rowing a boat on the water, with your best friend the tiger. Not a care in the world, just you and your friend.

This illustration was made using coloured ink on brown paper.

Ine Spee has uploaded Peaceful Reading

Sometimes you just want to read a book, in peace, on your own. But sleeping cats don't disturb you so reading with them next to you is fine!

This illustration was made using acrylic paints on cardboard.

This illustration depicts a boy and his dog playing together. A dog is, after all, considered to be man's best friend. And I agree with this!

The image is made through a linocut, which I manually cut, inked and printed.