I am glad to see you here looking at my artworks. I am attached by realising photos since 1974, still at school and working with my cheap Zenit E and Helios 55/2,0 lens in this time.

In 1982 I started into my professional Photo life, working in a big shop in Duisburg / Germany. I learned to work with Canon, Nikon and Olympus Cameras.

In 1989 I left Germany for the Canary Islands. First works doing postcards, calenders and other artworks. My camera at the 90s was a Olympus OM 101, later I added a Olympus OM10 and a professional OM-2.

Beginning with the 2000's I travelled through Spain, France and Portugal, producing thousands of pictures. Working with several different professional Nikon Bodies like D100, D1X, D2X, D300, D700 and others.

Now we try to refurbish all this pictures by adding more professinal selected pictures. The last month we deleted more than the half of our stock to reach a Top level.

Camerawise we are back to Olympus, cause of the better lens quality. Cameras used for the moments, Olympus E 30, E 520 and Camedia 5050 with several lenses from 10-300mm

The next month we will travel more through Portugal to realise the best works in this country.

We try to garantie a best quality in our artworks.

All works by insideportugal (750 pictures)

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