Irena Herrero

Irena Herrero

I have been doing illustrations for as long as I can remember, but only recently I decided to give it a chance and work on it more thoroughly.

My background in Psychology has continually inspired my “investigations” into childrenâ€TMs and adults’ imagination. Some people say that my illustrations are sort of surreal or strangely naive. The truth is that I prefer not to think too much on the result, I rather focus on the process of creating something beautiful, curious or inspiring and on how enjoyable this process can be for me and for others. There’s a big smile on my face when I draw and it’s a great feeling when other people appreciate my drawings.

IÂ recently attended some courses in Barcelona (Escola Massana) and London (Saint Martin’s School) with Toni Crabb (, April Wilson ( ) and Miriam Escofet ( I’m nowadays working on my first orders and started to sell prints of my drawings at

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