Isa Raja Parlindungan Loebis

Isa Raja Parlindungan Loebis

Isa Raja Parlindungan Loebis, Also known as Inong Loebis.
Born in Jakarta, Indonesia, December 31st and live in Bandung-West Java, Indonesia.
So far i'm doing activities in photography, graphic design, song writing & composing music.

Making personal project & most of it are involving human(s) as the subject of the photo(s). Accepting photo assignment & all related photography services. Selling Photographic print(s) & still looking for any agency whose interested to represent over seas.

Please add my FACEBOOK: IsaRajaLoebis
and feel free to follow my Twitter: @isaraja_loebis
I will be grand to get any comment and new friends from you about my photos or music.

My original songs / music work can be found on:


Isa Raja

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