Maria Ismanah  Schulze-Vorberg

Maria Ismanah Schulze-Vorberg

Poetry of light

My art is devoted to the magical interplay of colours and form which my inner and outer eyes discover and reveal. It is influenced by my very personal perspective and perception of the subjects, their interplay with their surroundings and light.
It’s not the exotic and spectacular I search for (thinking that it‘s quite easy to reproduce their beauty), it’s the seemingly common, the mostly overlooked that attracts me the most. To convert them with her camera into visual poetry, revealing their mystery of beauty and bewitchment is my passion and challenge.

These images - even if they originated from my very personal sense for light, beauty, harmony and composition - gain a personal life on their own thus becoming independent beings. They were created through my yet not by me. They have the power to touch the viewer and capture his attention in their very own way.
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