jana sebestova

jana sebestova

Free-lance professional photographer. Female.

Have created photographic series and single pictures in BW and colour,
first concerning wall and its structures ,
then putting person in front of,
getting closer to the face,
discovering the space that surrounds the face.

Born 1972 in Bratislava. Studied photography since 14 years old at Secondary School of Applied Arts in Bratislava, Slovakia (school founded in Bauhaus period with names as Laszlo Moholy-Nagy or Karel Teige). Absorbed in blood circulation everything about black-and-white process, darkroom and analog photography. Achieved BA degree in photography at Accademy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava with theorethical work “Ideas of Nietzsche and Photography” and collection of art pictures “Switching on the light” focusing mystery of everyday places. Since 1990 participated on numerous collective exhibitions in Europe and USA (2006 “La Nostra olimpiade”, Fiera del Libro Lingotto, Torino, Italy; 2005 “Private woman”, Fotofestiwal Lodz, Poland; 2003 “Mystery of Night”, Poprad, Slovakia; 1996-98 “Shaken not stirred”, Paris, Berlin, Dudelange, Torino; 1994 “Belluard-Bollwerk” 1983-1993, Fribourg, Switzerland etc) Hold several personal exhibitions (2001 “Four eyes open”, G4 Cheb, Czech Republic; 1996 “Switching on the Light”, Torino, Italy; 1994 “Via Gottardo 49”, Profil, Bratislava,Slovakia etc.)

As professional photographer have mastery of colour digital photography and all staff it needs, still loving and practising analog BW photography. Have created photographs for BellaBolla.sk, WeLoveDesign, Studio d’Interni Susanna Guaschino, Edizioni Il Capitello, Pho-to.it, Eurotel Slovakia, GLAMOUR Italia, ANNA Italia, Officina dell'Invisibile Italia, Globtel Slovakia, RAJO Schardinger, Slovakofarma, Vitis Slovakia and for a lot of happy parents.

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