Jason Mayes

Jason Mayes

Hello. You already know my name.

I am a Hybrid Web Developer, Programmer, Technical Consultant and Analyst, with a creative twist based in Bristol and London in the UK.

I also specialise in HDR photography and photo manipulation (love Adobe Creative Suite) to capture the beauty of the world around me as I see it. I hope by browsing through my photos you will catch a glimpse in to my world - that tree on the side of the road has so much more beauty to it than most people ever notice - I like to try and reveal that.

I also use traditional methods where appropriate, where HDR would not be suitable. My tools of the trade at present are a Canon 500d, with a 17-85mm lens, and myself. Indeed, no tripod or other such accessories are used.

Learn more about me at http://www.jasonmayes.com

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