Jean Studler

Jean Studler

I live on planet earth and I spend most of my time in Patagonia, Argentina, where volcanos explodes and social crisis is present on a daily basis.

I love light and creativity: that ́s why my life turns around cinematography, photography, drawing, writing, living, loving and basically art in all of its forms.

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A drawing thinking of the volcano that is erupting since last June near my city in Argentina.

On my journey to Mars, some amasing mountains full of colours..

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Colours dancing in her hair. Women are beautiful..

Mother earth breathing, volcanos smoking, humans dancing, dreaming and hugging trees.

Jean Studler has uploaded The obelisk

Another strange form I found on my way to Mars

A picture of the earth, taken from the moon on one of my journeys.

More amasing landscapes from far away!

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When you see a beautifull woman, a colourful woman, both on the inside and the outside, you just can ́t help yourself and beggin the take off.

A beautiful mountain in the north of Argentina, named after its variety of colours.

An odd landscape in the north of Argentina, just a few steps from the moon.

This is a metaphore about how human beings are uprooting their own planet.

Actually the name should be "rocks on the nude with a flower"

Inspired on David Lynch ́s book about meditation. A digital collage in the search for a good idea.

Water flowing near a natural cave in the north of Argentina.

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Laughing is so good. Another photograph from the series of "Journey to Mars"