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Jeffrey Denham

Jeffrey Denham

Well I am a writer, I write Novels, Short Stories, Poems, Songs, Stage Plays, Screen Plays, Operas, Musicals, I am a singer, Painter, I draw sketches, I am working on digital Arts, I am also a Photographer, Inventor, Director, Producer, Actor, Mime, Activist, and the creator of The Truth Seekers Group. Which is a group of friends to come together to talk about the problems we face today, and to help the world and it's children. We should all know that there is no difference between each other, we are all humans on Earth. If we kill each other than there is nothing left of our once beauty.

To talk on photography I like mostly macabre works, black and white, as well scenes of nature. What I use right now is my LGEnv 3 phone, that has 3.0 Megapixel. What I wish that I could have is a D3100 Nikon 14.2 megapixel camera.

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