Jennifer Nelson

Jennifer Nelson

From my home in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, I travel near and far to specialize in nature and landscape photography. My subjects range from urban garden features to wildlife and wilderness in the American west to my travel encounters in other regions and countries. I create images that use vision to stimulate the viewer's more intimate, visceral, and rejuvenating connection to the natural world and human experience.

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A still pond reflects a late autumn landscape presided over by a tall, spreading, golden-leafed tree and its reflection in the water's mirrored surface.

A stalwart Western Bluebird perches atop a slender tree twig while snowflakes fall around him. This image features vertical orientation of the bird's portrait and bokeh hues matching his plumage colors.

A red-tailed hawk sails through a bright blue sky, its golden eye gleaming with the intent to capture its prey. Was it really hunting my cats in my backyard? We scurried inside quickly, just to be safe!

Vertical image captures the vibrant pinks and yellows of a stargazer lily in full bloom, its white-bordered petals capturing the sunlight. The flower stands out against a near-black background while a tightly closed bud and shadow-dappled green leaves climb the right side of the image.

Horizontal image captures the perfect reflection in still water of marsh trees to which the last colorful leaves of autumn cling. The shoreline bisects the photo; the white sky above the trees and below their mirror image suggests a stark background that brightens the yellows, oranges, and reds of late November at Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge, Delaware, USA.

Horizontal image features a Great Blue Heron flying inches above its perfect reflection in the smooth glassy water of Shearness Pond at Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge, Delaware, USA. Shoreline and skeletal trunks of leafless trees reflect in the water near the top of the image while the reflected pastel blues and pinks and soft white clouds of the late-afternoon sky fill the rest of the water's surface across which the heron skims.

Horizontal image of Walker Lake's glassy surface displays a perfect mirror image of mountains beyond the shoreline and puffy white clouds sailing across the bright blue sky.

A daisy-style yellow chrysanthemum bloom fills the frame of this horizontal image and glows in the sunlight against the near-black background. The angle of light heightens the texture of individual petals.

The intricacies of Moorish inspiration are featured in this ceramic tile panel from a wall of the Hotel Sevilla on Trocadero Street, in Havana, Cuba.

Vertical image of a black swan floating serenely on clear green water features the bird's direct gaze at you, the viewer, and crisp details of face and feathers.

Close-up profile portrait of a black-striped gray tabby cat highlights gold luminescence in the eye and suggests the mystery of the animal's perspective and experience.

In this view from the top floor of Hotel Sevilla, Old Havana's short buildings spread from the foreground toward the skyscrapers of modern Havana in the distance. Vibrant colors appear everywhere, contributing to Havana's harmonious unity.

Old Havana features such well-known landmarks as El Prado, the beautiful tree-lined pedestrian promenade seen in the lower left, and El Morro, the old Spanish fort that still guards Havana Bay from its eastern shore.

Rising majestically above Old Havana's narrow, Spanish colonial streets, the 1930 Bacardi Building presents an inspiring example of art deco architecture.

Yellow blooms of Bigelow coreopsis carpet the Mojave Desert whenever spring rains provide sufficient water. The abandoned galvanized metal trash can foregrounds the question: Can a wilderness of such simple natural beauty really be a "wasteland"?

Jennifer Nelson is now following Paul Lemke

The Default Condition of life is "Beauty".
As Light spills over the world and then back to us, our experience is of "Beauty".
My job is not difficult, ...... Isolate and capture fragments of this inexhaustible resource.

It is as if every stone were a Diamond.

My name is Paul Lemke, ...... US landscapes and places are my subjects, ...... Enjoy, ......

Jennifer Nelson is now following Rudolf Strasser

Bin ein einfacher Hobbyfotograf. Versuche so zu fotografieren, wie das Auge sieht, nämlich auf ein Detail gerichtet. Der Rest bleibt oft unscharf, soll aber über die gezielt ausgewählte Farbigkeit dem Bild eine malerische Komponente verleihen. Und wo gibt es schönere Farben als in der Natur!