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Jill Spence

Welcome to my gallery, and thanks for your visit!

I am a Graphic Designer, Illustrator and Photographer, and am inspired by organic forms and repeat pattern. Please check back soon for a larger selection of images.

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und einen wunderschönen Tag,
hier auf meiner SOMMERFRISCHE.

Schöne Fotos sagen mehr aus als nur Worte,
denn gute Bilder sprechen unsere Gefühle an
und erzählen uns Geschichten,
die in uns haften bleiben.

and a wonderful time at Sommerfrische.

Beautiful photos express more than words,
beautiful pictures attract our feelings.

They tell us stories which rest forever.

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Seit vielen Jahren arbeite ich bereits am und mit dem Computer. Erst beruflich, jetzt privat. Die Vorteile, die mir diese moderne Technik im Bereich digitaler Anwendungsmöglichkeiten verschafft, sind meine Welt. Ohne Computer geht, was den Punkt meiner digitalen Kreativität anbelangt, gar nichts. War es früher der gesamte Bürokram, sind es heute die Möglichkeiten diverser Fraktal- und/oder Bildbearbeitungs-Programme, die mich nicht nur begeistern, sondern auch herausfordern. Da kann ich mit den Programmen gestalten und so mit meiner Freizeit sinnvoll und kreativ umgehen.
Neben der Beschäftigung mit Computerkunst (ob es Kunst ist, liegt im Auge des jeweiligen Betrachters) und Fotografie, sind Treffen mit Freunden, Fernsehen, Lesen, Ausflüge und Reisen Teil meiner Freizeitaktivitäten... Und ich bin ein Fan von intelligentem politischem Kabarett und ebensolchen Satiren in jeder Form... Ob Buch, Bühne, TV oder Cartoon...

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Hello all! Thanks for being here... I hope you'll enjoy my work and my passion.
Follow me on Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/andrea1979/

At this point in time I am a PhD student in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) with a BSc in Mathematics.

I always enjoyed "snapping pics", but only at the start of university did photography turn into a more serious hobby with my first SLR (400D), and upgrading to a 5D MK II in 20010. Most importantly, digital has made it much easier and especially much cheaper to experiment and play - what's the worst that can happen? A few GB of harddrive space clogged up and a few cents of electricity wasted - in the days of old, exposing film was (and still is) comparatively expensive.

My photography is mainly driven by curiosity and personal interest. The key focus lies on landscapes, either rural or cities - but it can easily deviate to something else, driven by the interest to experiment, suggestions from others or new equipment.

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Mein Name ist Elke Balzen
und ich komme aus dem schönen Taunus,hier bin ich auch mit meiner Kamera unterwegs.Ich liebe die Natur ,und halte mich gerne im freien auf.Ich bin nicht auf bestimmte Themen festgelegt und fotografiere alles was mir gefällt.

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"The whole is more than the sum of its parts."


Thank you all so much for the positive feedback and the friendly comments !!!
.............and please don't use the facebook "Like Button" !!!

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Jill Spence has uploaded Contour rock

Layers of rock, making a pattern similar to the contour lines on a map. This was photographed at Cockleyburn Beach, Northumberland, England.

Jill Spence has uploaded Rock and Sand

Cockleburn Beach, Northumberland, on a winter's day.

An illustration of a symmetrical composition of stylized food such as tomatoes, rocket and chilli's.

A photograph of a corridor of trees in England, taken in Autumn. The trees are turning from green to yellow and orange.

A photograph of the bright red leaves of a Japanese Maple tree in Autumn.

A Japanese Maple tree photographed in Autumn, as the leaves have turned a deep red.

A photo of a tree from below in autumn, with deep orange leaves. The branches are like a network of veins.

This photo was taken on an Ox bow Lake in the Amazon jungle at sunrise. The lush green grass on the banks of the water look illuminated as it catches the first light of the day. There is a line of trees in the background, lining up against the sky.

Sunset on a winters day on Loch Pityoulish, Aviemore, Cairngorns. The Loch is iced over. The photograph is cold and wintery, with blue tinges.

Sunset on a dreamy, winters day on Loch Pityoulish, Aviemore, Cairngorns. The Loch is iced over. The photograph is cold and wintery, with blue tinges. Trees are draped in snow.