Jim DeLillo

Jim DeLillo

Jim is an internationally-published photographer who specializes in travel, local color and editorial. Avidly working since 1972, Jim's many years of experience have provided such esteemed international publications like Woman's World Magazine with a refreshing break from stiffly-posed shots often found within them. His photojournalist, reality based, eclectic style spans travel, both domestic and abroad - the wilderness, and ultimately outer space. Did we mention that Jim is also an accomplished astro-photographer?

Anyways, you probably get the idea. Jim and his work is simply put, astounding. Jim won a Nikon.net Award for his series, "Children of Belize." Other accomplishments include reaching the Gold Level (10,000 downloads) with iStock, Getty's microstock offering.

When he is not making beautiful things happen with his camera, Jim is a Senior Project Manager at a major biotech company in New Jersey.

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