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Jim Plaxco

Jim Plaxco

Jim Plaxco is a digital artist creating abstracts, algorithmic, astronomical, cityscape, landscape, portrait, and space art.

As a digital photographer, Jim creates abstracts, macro, architectural, portrait, and landscape photographs.

His work has appeared in textbooks, been used as cover art, and has been flown in space. He has judged art contests for NASA, NSS, and the IAA.

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QuadratiC ChaoS is a work of algorithmic art created using a combination of algorithmic and generative techniques I have developed over time.

Up Close and Personal is a digital portrait of a rather intense looking young woman.

Portrait of a Polar Explorer is a digital painting of an explorer of planet Earth's coldest location - the South Pole, the Antarctic

A black and white photograph of a rock pillar at Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona. The view was taken from the South Rim. The Colorado River is visible in the lower right.

Summer Day Forest Scene is an impressionistic digital painting of a shaded forest setting on a summer day.

Grand Canyon Desert View Watch Tower is a photograph taken on an overcast summer morning of the Desert View Watchtower, constructed in 1932 as a replica of a prehistoric Indian tower. Desert View Watchtower, also known as the Indian Watchtower at Desert View, is a 70-foot-high stone building located on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon within Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona

Metropolis Machina is a digital portrait of Maria, the Maschinenmensch (machine-human) from the classic 1927 science-fiction film Metropolis directed by Fritz Lang.
This is the 4th digital artwork I've created of the Maschinenmensch. Given that the movie was made in 1927, Lang did a fantastic job.

Liberty She Shouted is a stylized digital painting of the Statue of Liberty.

Antique Lightbulb is a high contrast almost black and white photograph of an old antique lightbulb.

Generative Selfie is a self-portrait created (or painted) by a generative painting program I wrote. The process was to take a photograph to use as a reference image, paint a version of the photograph and then use that digital painting as input for the generative art program.

Jim Plaxco has uploaded She's Got Legs

She's Got Legs is a generative painting of the legs of a woman dancing on stage.

Girl With Ruby Earring is a a generative painting painted using generative software of my own creation. I had the good fortune to have this lovely young lady agree to having me photograph her at an awards dinner.

Electronic Sound is an algorithmic-based digital painting inspired by the experimental music album Electronic Sound by George Harrison of Beatle's fame.

Jim Plaxco has uploaded Crystal Shards

Crystal Shards is an impression of a pane of broken glass. This is a work of generative art created using a program I wrote.

This is an example of glitch art (a digtal uh-oh). If you look closely you will see that this was originally a portrait, a self-portrait actually.

The Girl Who Sang Color is a painting about synthesia, which Wikipedia defines as a neurological phenomenon in which stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway leads to automatic, involuntary experiences in a second sensory or cognitive pathway.

Jim Plaxco has uploaded Transmissions

Transmissions is about the advance of communications technology and urban life.

Tropical Island Sunset is a slightly abstracted digital painting of a very small isle of palm trees somewhere in the Pacific Ocean.