Joanna Kapica

Joanna Kapica

"Sometimes I do get to places just when God's ready to have somebody click the shutter. " Ansel Adams

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Maths&Physics Teacher, photography's a passion, so I'm shooting like a maniac from time to time to learn something new ... learning a lot from the community at Google+

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Deine Biographie überreicht Dir das Buch Deines Lebens. Widmest Du Dich dessen Inhalt und durchblätterst die Seiten, wächst Du! Du wächst an Gedankengut, Fähigkeiten und Wissen und endest in der Erkenntnis, dass Du stets ein Schüler bleiben willst.

Nicht Du läßt Bilder entstehen, Bilder entstehen durch Dich!

Im Novmeber 2012 habe ich mein 1. Buch mit dem Titel: Innigkeiten publiziert.

Worte und Fotografie! Picture meets Words! Lyrische Themen, Prosa - Gesellschaftskritisch, melancholisch, emotionale Leichtigkeit, historische Erlebnisse, Erfahrungen...!


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I have been working as a professional photographer since the 1970s...
My areas of expertise are fine art, editorial, advertising, stock and special events.

For over twenty years I worked as a professional photographer. Today I get to follow my own advice of 'If you want to enjoy photography, do it as a hobby'. Not that I regret my career. Very much the opposite is true. There is nothing else I wish had chosen. That being said pursuing photography as a career is different than doing it as a hobby. What I missed most in the career was Black and White image making. Today I no longer put my hands in the 'soup' but have discovered great joy and control in B&W photography with a digital workflow.
Today I make photographs because I enjoy doing so. If you have any questions about my work or photography in general please feel free to send me an e-mail.

Thanks for looking,


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Hi I'm Rob, a photographer based in Devon, England, have been into photography since my early teens but have only been taking it seriously in the last 3 years, I hope you enjoy looking thro my portfolio :-)

Photograph taken in Cracow, Poland.
Beautiful old building in the Kazimierz, the Jewish District.

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Photography for me all started during my years in the beautiful Swedish mountains. I was fascinated by the colors and landscape and has been photographing natural environments ever since. I'm a member of The Swedish Association of Nature Photographers (/N).

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Beautifully crafted city light, right in the Cloth Hall at the Main Square in Cracow, Poland.
Cracow is probably one of the most beautiful Polish cities with many historical sites to visit!
Photography by Joanna Kapica