John Kreiter

John Kreiter

My formal education as an artist, began as a photographer. I studied photography for a few years and was a professional photographer after that. Thanks to this training I was able to learn a lot about composition, lighting, intuitive design, and strong visual conceptualization.

Even as a photographer though I was always feeling hampered; I always wanted to add a little more to each image, add to it that extra inner spirit that sometimes did not seem apparent in the photograph but could be ascertained just below the surface. Because of this I began to manipulate images very early into my photographic career. I did it through negative and emulsion control at first and then began to use Photoshop as this became more of an accessible medium.

It was easy therefore for me to completely abandon the typical photographic milieu and transition into illustration. With the great advancements in digital software, I was able to work in a very exciting new medium where I did not need to expend huge amounts of money on different kinds of art material. In the digital realm, I am able to express myself in many ways and to attempt things in many different artistic mediums.

I have a website at:

from here I am able to advertise my talents as a digital artist. I do book covers, illustrations, and business graphics. I am constantly pushing myself to expand my capabilities in different ways.

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