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Yoh Nagao is a Japanese artist, currently based in Berlin since April, 2012.

After graduating from Nagoya Zokei University of Art & Design(BFA) in Aichi Japan, he worked at several design agencies while working as an artist, and occasionally as a freelance graphic designer to pursuit his unique expression.

He mainly uses acrylics and collages in a colorful and
dynamic way then pencil and pens to add detailed depiction, all of which are blended comfortably yet complicatedly. His style that occasionally follows themes and their own actual episodes creates imaginary landscapes and inhabitants on a very unique way.?His style is greatly inspired by American pop culture which has been playing a crucial part in his life for as long as he can remember.

After years of production in Japan, in 2007, he took the leap abroad and joined the art-collective “WE-ARE-FAMILIA” based in New York. Since then his art pieces have been exhibited at “Artaq 2nd urban art awards
2011” (Angers, France), “Pick Me Up 2011”(London), “Illustrative” (Berlin), along with his solo-exhibition in Hong Kong and group exhibitions in Japan and many others overseas up until today.

Through his many of experiences in Europe, he has choose Berlin as his new base.

He's currently working for clients and preparing for exhibitions, also working on pieces for his collectors around the world at the same time.
He's eager to create pieces that dazzle people around the globe.

*All prints are from original pieces.

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Chilean Illustrator / artist
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Finally finished!
von ju_hu

sleep all day
party all night
never grow old
never die

love of the white galaxy bears

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what have you done to my heart and soul? This is a wasteland now

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Mini Mini painting
von ju_hu

Follow the white rabbit now. Schön war s gestern!
von ju_hu

Ein weiteres großartiges Kunstwerk von ju_hu

Bus painting. Second Day. I am slowly
von ju_hu

Ein weiteres großartiges Kunstwerk von ju_hu

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