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Julia Pereverzeva

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Illustrator and Ps.

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Nestled in the beautiful city Barcelona, I happily weave my imagination for clients across the world, applying hand-drawn and computer-based imagery to a range of visual mediums; from fine arts to fashion, from editorial to advertising, to books and textiles and much much more.

Anna Bours

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Elena Mir is a graphic/web and multimedia designer, artist and illustrator based in Spain.

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Chilean Illustrator / artist

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Night has come...

Freelance / Art Director. Spain (Barcelona)

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john Duvengar is a French illustrator based in Rio de Janeiro where he works as a freelance designer.

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Freelance illustrator/ graphic designer based in Sheffield.

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Illustrator-artist from Chile, south america. Working as Marketing Art Director on a local broadcasting system.

graphic design & illustration

UI designer / illustration

A portrait of a girl drawn by water colours. Then it was edited in Ps.
Some kind of a portrait that was forgotten.

The uneasy coexistence between human populations and the natural world interests me as a photographer. I lived for many years in coastal southern New Jersey, where I was drawn aesthetically to the ordered pilings, decaying buildings and piers, dune fences, structural debris, and kitsch of my seaside town. Deeply influenced by Michael Kenna’s work, I came to favor long exposures in low light as I examined the interaction between wind, waves, salt, and the human footprint. I recently relocated to the San Francisco Bay area, where I look forward to exploring my new environment. I am particularly intrigued by the ambiguous quality of everyday objects encountered at the water’s edge between twilight and dawn, and the tension between the elements and human expectations of permanence and control. I have come to think of the images as "melancholigraphs".

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Graphic designer, Illustrator & filmmaker