I love the Universe and its well-kept secrets and I love painting scenes that inspire people. I create my own worlds and sights and I hope they will help others see that some things must be left untouched by the human hand...

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Franz Hergl - geboren 1927 - gestorben 2009

Nach über 2 Jahren Arbeit endlich fertig: der künstlerische Nachlass von Franz Hergl.
Sein komplettes Lebenswerk exklusiv bei Artflakes.

Franz Hergl - born 1927 - died 2009

After more than two years of work done at last: the artistic estate of Franz Hergl.
His entire life's work exclusively by Artflakes.

Photography by Lena Weisbek.

Be inspired by the photographic art that has become passion and drug for this graphic designer. Her focus is on the abstraction of the ordinary, she shows her way of seeing things, but the intention is to display and to evoke emotion.
In her photographs – often caused by experiment – she lets the form... more or less.. diffluence and dissolve apparently.. The shape, free of their functionality, thus giving place free for personal interpretations of the viewer.

“The essence of the creative act is to see the familiar as strange.“

Please visit www.galerie-artefactum.de

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Kunst Poster Shop. Bilder aus Sachsen von Falko Follert Art-FF77 Photographer of Art

Kaufen sie Kunst zu günstigen Preisen in vielen Foto Bereichen

Aktfotografie, Aktposter, Kunstposter, Naturfotografie, Torgau auf Poster, Frühlingsblüten Poster, Nackt Kunst Poster, Erotik Poster, Klassischer Akt Poster, Laser Akt Poster, Schwarz Weiß Akt Bilder, Portrait Poster, Tierfotografie Poster, Architektur Poster, Makro Fotografie, Blumen Poster...

Fotograf ART-FF77
Falko Follert FF77
Torgau 04860

Ich Arbeit in Torgau Sachsen in den Bereichen der Fotografie und der Malerei, dabei liegt immer die Kunst im Vordergrund.

Mein Kameras

- Canon EOS 40D
- Canon EOS 5D Marke 2

© Falko Follert 2008-2011
Alle meine hier gezeigten Kunstwerke/Bilder unterliegen dem gesetzlichen Urheberrecht. Jegliche Art von Manipulation, Vervielfältigung, Kopie, Verteilung, Verbreitung, Blogging, öffentlicher Wiedergabe oder sonstiger vergleichbarer Nutzung ist untersagt. Jeder Verstoß dagegen wird straf- und zivilrechtlich geahndet.

Art Posters Store. Pictures from Saxony by photographer Falko Follert Art FF77

They buy art for reasonable prices in many areas Photo

Nudes, Aktposter, art posters, nature photography, Torgau, on posters, spring flowers poster, nude art posters, erotic posters, Classic Nude posters, laser Nude posters, black and white nude photos, portrait posters, animal Posters, Art Posters, macro photography, flower poster. ..

Photographer ART-FF77
Falko Follert FF77
Torgau 04860

I work in Torgau, Saxony, in the fields of photography and painting, the art is always in the foreground.

My cameras

- Canon EOS 40D
- Canon EOS 5D Mark 2

© 2008-2011 Falko Follert
All my works of art shown here / images subject to copyright laws. Any kind of manipulation, reproduction, copying, distribution, dissemination, blogging, public reproduction or other similar use is prohibited. Any other use is punishable under criminal and civil penalties.

Wo man mich noch finden kann

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Hallo Mitglieder. Andere spielen, surfen oder wuseln sich so durch das Net mit viel Spaß. Ich male halt gerne am PC. Bevorzugt sind dabei Sterne und Weltall, abstraktes, Landschaften aber auch alles was mir sonst noch so einfällt. Ich würde mich selbst als ‘Gebrauchskunsthersteller‘ bezeichnen. Ich hoffe mit dieser Gemeinschaft in guten Kontakt treten zu können. Freue mich über jede Kommunikation. Also dann Bernd Vagt.

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"The whole is more than the sum of its parts."


Thank you all so much for the positive feedback and the friendly comments !!!
.............and please don't use the facebook "Like Button" !!!

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Geboren am 20.03.73 in Wiltz (L)

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Fashion designer and freelance illustrator from Brazil. Bachelor in Fashion Business and doing Post-Graduation in Visual Arts.

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A freelance photographer for human interest, panorama, wildife, and nature.

and freelance graphic designer too

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i look at the people of my time with a gaze that is mis-understood. my mind is a vast safe that i dip into whenever i please, i find the art that i feel and i bring it forth to others to see. you judge my thoughts, but i don't care to hear your insult. i am me and myself only. thank you.

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Image Composer and Photographer !


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• meiner einer liebt kräftige Farben und ein wenig Magie ...Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year wünsche ich allen hier

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Drawing is my World. World inside my Drawing.

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Lia Termatzidou was born in Berlin in 1988. She studied Byzantine Iconography and has graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts and Art Sciences, specializing in Visual Arts. She divides her artistic expression between different mediums: Painting, photography, video and graphics. She participates in several group exhibitions and organizes artistic workshops in collaboration with other artists. Her subjects, mostly anthropocentric, explore the transforming power of the face - and by extension of individuality, and its association with social adaptability. She lives and works in Greece.

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Mygall - http://www.mygall.net/Hergl
Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001889714771
Zoonar - http://www.zoonar.de/profile/NorbertHergl
Artflake - http://www.artflakes.com/de/shop/hergl

In this life I shall not be more true to a fixed style. Experimenting with different styles is just too much fun.

Ich hoffe, ich kann unseren grauen Alltag etwas in Farbe versetzen.

Irgendwann kommt in jedem Leben eines Künstlers der Moment, in dem er sich entscheiden muss: Möchte ich Kunst machen oder möchte ich Geld verdienen?
Möchte ich ein guter Künstler und ein schlechter Verkäufer sein, oder möchte ich ein guter Verkäufer und ein schlechter Künstler sein?
Die Alternative 50 % Künstler und 50 % Verkäufer würde lediglich einen halben Künstler bedeuten.

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Martynas Pavilonis (aka White White Dog) is an independent illustrator, graphic designer and artist from Vilnius, Lithuania.

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Hi, my name is Brandon I'm a 26 year old digital artist from Ohio. My favorite style to do is Astronomical/Space scenes for Wallpapers, and Prints. I'm constantly working on my craft trying to improve as much as possible. I'm not a man of many words so I'll let my work speak for its self. Thanks for viewing my work and also thanks if you purchase one of my pieces.


Adobe Photoshop CS5
Wacom Bamboo Tablet
Custom Built PC
Windows 7 Ultimate

Follow me on:
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/hybrideffect
Twitter - https://twitter.com/#!/HybridEffectArt

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I like to express thoughts and feelings through my pictures by catching special moments in life. Photography is a big part of my life. I usually get ideas for my photos by listening to different songs or just thinking at some memories. I`m still learning everyday new things and techniques but I hope that you will enjoy my photos.

For booking or other questions about photography you can send an e-mail at ioanacm.photography@yahoo.com

Hugs!! :)

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“Simplicity, patience, compassion.
These three are your greatest treasures [...]." ― Lao Tzu, "Tao Te Ching"

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“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.”
― Anne Frank