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Julie Ann  Stricklin

Julie Ann Stricklin

HI! My name is Julie Ann Stricklin! I am a San Diego (Southern California, USA) commercial illustrator, graphic designer as well as fine artist. I obtained my Bachelors degree at San Diego State University (1985) and over a decade later I earned my digital graphics certification at The Advertising Arts College (1997). I celebrate my eclectic nature as an artist. I use traditional as well as digital tools.
I have worked as an artist and designer my entire life. As a part of my daily routine I invent new styles, play with a range of media and view the world with open eyes and open heart. I am a Budokon and yoga practitioner. I hike, Kayak when I can and try to work with social art programs that have a grassroots base.
Before the days of digital media, I had to promote myself via mail. I am so thrilled I lived to see the day of social media! I am so happy to be able to publish my work without the expensive steps of choosing selective pieces, getting color separations and making time for tons of meetings.
I have illustrated and or designed books for children, the educational field as well as indie authors since 1985 while maintaining my design client base. I work as a creative on demand for companies across the U.S. who need access to a creative department but cannot maintain a full time staff.
I am always open to any commission or graphic design project.
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Photo of hand painted,one of a kind Meditation Rocks by San Diego, CA artist, Julie Ann Stricklin. Each stone is unique in shape,size,color as well as design.

Victorian Girl is a textures multimedia painting by California artist, Julie Ann Stricklin. Her eyes are haunting and peaceful.

2016 Artist Self Portrait for Artist Portrait Show

2016 Artist Self Portrait for Artist Portrait Show

Sun & Moon detail with a hippie vibe by Julie Ann Stricklin. Detail from 2016 banner, Spirit of Boho nation

San Diego artist, Julie Ann Stricklin's 2016 Encinitas, Arts Alive Banner. Original is #58. It is up for auction Sunday, May15, 2016. Call in bid (760)436-2320 -You can buy a print here!

This is a detail from my 2016 Arts Alive Banner. You can bid on the original banner up until the live auction May 15, 2016. (760)436-2320 say you would like to place a bid on on Julie Ann Stricklin's banner #58.

* 1937; Maler, Grafiker und Schriftsteller

Zahlreiche Einzel- und Gruppenausstellungen

Einladung zur Biennale Florenz 2007, 2009, 2011
Teilnahme an verschiedenen Kunstmessen.

2008 Aufnahme in die Publikation “ KUNSTPROFIL 2008”, Kassel, ISBN: 978-3-00-022643-4
Ausstellung: Galerie Boehner, Mannheim v. 23.10.2009 - 10.03.2010
Ausstellung: Galerie Boehner, Mannheim v. 06.05. bis 06.10. 2011
Zahlreiche Mappenwerke und Buchillustrationen.
Werke befinden sich in Galerien und privaten Sammlungen.

Über 30 Buchveroeffentlichungen (Romane, Erzaehlungen, Lyrik, Kinderbuecher).
Texte in zahlreichen Anthologien, Literaturzeitschriften und Kunstkatalogen.

Mitglied der Academy of Poets, Cambridge/England seit 1978

Aufgenommen u. a. in
Men of Achievement, 1981
International Biographical Centre, Cambridge;
Men and Women oft Distinction, 1982
International Biographical Centre, Cambridge;
Europaeische Enzyklopaedie (Band Deutschland), 1986, herausgegeben v. Publishers Encyclopedias Corp. Delaware, USA u. d. gleichnamigen Verlag in Cham(Schweiz).
Seit 1980 gewaehltes Mitglied (Fellow) der International Biographical Association in Cambridge/England.

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Many years ago male imagery was taboo. In ancient Europe the male anatomy was often removed or display as that of an infant. Today, many artist have revisited and learn to appreciate the male art form. If you see something you like or connect with make a purchase. Any purchase helps me to continue creating male arts.

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When I left a Munich advertising studio for Ireland, I dreamed of cheap whisky, hot geysers and a little adventure. Wrong. Very wrong indeed! The whiskey was expensive, the hot springs were in Iceland and the little adventure developed into a big adventure....... The land and it’s people were fascinating right from the beginning and after learning a few words of the English language, tinted with an Irish flavour, mind and soul were cleared of orderly Teutonic perceptions. The wind blew away the acquired photographic rules to let grey skies and green meadows convert easily into stunning pictures. The adventure was in full swing and I never missed the Bavarian studio.

Since then I have travelled to many exotic countries. During 1973, in recognition of my work, I was awarded the honours of a Fellowship of the Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain (F.R.P.S.). In 1982 I started to build up my own Picture Library ( and for commercial reasons, moved to England. Here I soon discovered the Highland of Scotland which has so much in common with the Emerald Isle. The sunny beaches of exotic tourist destinations did not tempt me, hence it is no surprise that I still have not got around to buying a sensible sunshade for my camera. Instead of a sunshade I placed many other astonishing, yet creative ‘bits’ in front of my lenses in order to manipulate my work within the camera. Deception by photography ?

Then came the pixels: Rather than being satisfied with retouching existing photographs, I went in at the deep end and experimented with many different digital styles. The painted effects, created with the help of PhotoShop and Painter software, give a new meaning to "painting with light". Here, photography drifts into virtual painting and with each controlled brushstroke new ideas are opened up.

Mankind expressed creativity in the Stone Ages with a few colours derived from nature itself. The palette of shades evolved over centuries, today even the smallest of home computer, iThingy or smart phone lay claim to "millions of colours". Thus in photography, it is not the camera that creates the picture, but the person behind it - the computer technology is simply a medium helping us to express ourselves in ways we could have never envisaged a few years ago. May my selection of images cross barriers of language and culture, offering only inspiration.

Legal Note:

All Rights Reserved. All images in this gallery are the original work of Edmund Nagele F.R.P.S. All works for sale are the copyright of Edmund Nagele F.R.P.S. and as such, are protected by US and International Copyright laws. No images are within Public Domain, Printerest usage or linking to Printerest is NOT supported and NO FREE images are offered. Fair use is not an excuse. Purchased prints will NOT show any copyright watermarking.

If you wish to license any of my images for personal or commercial use, or purchase calendars for the new year, you may do so at .

Edmund Nagele F.R.P.S.

"Wir haben verlernt, die Augen auf etwas ruhen zu lassen, deshalb erkennen wir so wenig" (Jean Giono)

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Sollten Copyrights anderer Künstler bei meinen Arbeiten verletzt worden sein, bitte ich um eine Nachricht, damit ich den entsprechenden Inhalt sofort entfernen kann. Vielen Dank.

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