Kaitlyn Adams

Kaitlyn Adams

Photography major. I focus on nature: Flowers, animals, landscapes. Jobless at the moment and hoping that something comes out of my art =)

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Sunflowers with torn petals are still beautiful even when broken.

Kaitlyn Adams has uploaded Sunflowers

Field of sunflowers with the sun shining through

Kaitlyn Adams has uploaded Rose

Rose in a friend's garden

Kaitlyn Adams has uploaded Squirrel!

Squirrel in a tree..

Kaitlyn Adams has uploaded Serenity

Photograph of a forest in a nature park.

Rose growing by the front porch. Grandmothers patio chairs in the background.

Kaitlyn Adams has uploaded Hibiscus

A Hibiscus that was growing in a friend's yard.

I did this photograph for the food photography section of one of my Photography classes.

Flower that blooms every year in our garden.

One of the flowers that blooms in the garden in our front yard.