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Krzysztof Kaluszka

graphic designer, illustrator

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Graphic designer and illustrator

Roben Nieuwland is a Toronto based artist who finds inspiration from urban textures and organic patterns. A true mixed media method is used, gathering anything from detailed collages to crude stencils. His work exhibits playful themes with bright color harmonies contrasting over layers of textures and hard edged lines. His images produce bold flat graphic designs while maintaining a rich painterly tactile appearance. His work can be seen in both galleries and commercial outlets across North America and Europe.

This is the logo for the band Hajer Boss. As everybody in my region knows,
"HAJER" is a miner that works in front. This is why I decided to draw such a miner that he looks like a boss.

graphic designer


I am 25 years old, I graduated from Art school after P Terlemezyan, attended art classes at famouse art school after Igityans. Currently I am enrolled in Graphic faculty at Yerevan State Academy of Fine Arts.
I am in love with music , sculptures, photoes, animation, cat, coffee and ....

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My name is Hanna and I'm a illustrator, photographer and graphic designer from Gothenburg, Sweden.

I like good coffee, owls, guitars, wii, belgian beer, nice shoes, graveyards, food, football and other stuff that makes life sweet!

Hope you'll enjoy my work!

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i like to experiment with multiple media but my works are usually based on polymer clay, digital photography and photoshop.

The challenge is to keep on expanding my creativity.


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Illustrator girl based in Guatemala City, her work is a collection of surreal characters, strange worlds and lovely-freaky stuff.

Twitter: @Muxxi

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I'm a fine artist and illustrative designer from Amsterdam.
I work in a street art related style and i like to renew my styles all the time. My artworks often contains animals and fantasy monsters related to the things that i see.