Karina Stinson

Karina Stinson

There are always two persons participating in a picture: the photographer and the viewer.
(Ansel Adams)

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Verkehrsschild vor einem Werbeplakat am Postdamer Platz, Berlin

Brandenburger Tor, Berlin

vor dem Hotel Adlon, Brandenburger Tor

Red Square in Moscow 2012

Karina Stinson has uploaded Reality

Small village in the north of Russia

Karina Stinson has uploaded Goodbye

Tscherepowez, Russia

Close to the East Side Gallery and Warschauer Strasse in Berlin

Graphic design on the basis of Paul Kalkbrenner

From a rooftop of an old factory in East Berlin

Karina Stinson has uploaded Splash

Island of Hiddensee on the beach

Early in the morning in the center of Berlin

View from a flat at Alexanderplatz

View from a flat at Alexanderplatz

Karina Genis has uploaded Flying High

From a flat at Alexanderplatz

From a flat at Alexanderplatz