Karl Louis

Karl Louis

k.l. was born 1959 and grew up in davos (swiss alps). he started taking pictures when he was 12 years old. his first camera was an affordable PRAKTICA.

since 1998 his work has been published on many websites and from 2006 on in several books .

2010 his first 400-pages book CURVES was launched, sold thousands of copies so far and is sold out. he started producing HD video clips.

2011 he started a TOUR D'EUROPE, traveling to the most scenic places in europe.

he works with with CANON equipment and organizes private coachings, workshops and phototrips to sardinia and other great places.

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woman laying on black sand beach at sunset

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lower female torso sideways between rocks at beach

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Blonde woman wearing red ultratight leggings and high heels on rooftop

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frau in weissem minikleid an geländer am meer