Katayoon Ahmadi

Hi.My name is Katayoon but most people call me Kathy, and I am a self taught photographer.
When I look back, there has been a passion towards photography in me for many years, but I guess film photography with all its difficulties and expense didn’t let many of us to follow it as we wanted to. I have been exploring my desire for photography for a few years now and internet has had a great role, both for enabling me to see the work of great photographers from all around the world and be inspired by them, and also for all the sources I was able to use to expand my knowledge and improve my work, thus take my photography to the next level.
As you can see for yourself, nature photography is what I enjoy doing the most. Interestingly enough, I live in a very busy and polluted city in which I do not always find good spots to photograph. Maybe I should work on taking urban style photographs too!
Another thing that I never imagined myself doing was digital enhancement. The word ‘Photoshop’ was always so intimidating to me that I never imagined myself installing any of its photo editing softwares on my computer but now I am glad I was able to prove myself wrong. Some pictures are better untouched, but I love adding textures to some of my photos too. Maybe there has been a hidden passion for painting in me too of which I was not aware, but the process of making a simple picture look almost like a painting is an overwhelming experience for me even after doing it for many times.
Until a while ago I considered myself just a hobbyist but now I consider myself an amateur on my way to become to a professional. All the support I have received from my fans and my family has helped me a lot through the whole way and I will still be needing it to improve myself more and more each day. The key to become better at what you do is trying to learn a new thing every day and never stop which is what I have been trying to do for the last almost two years.
I have a Nikon D90 which I love. I got it as a birthday gift from my lovely husband. Obviously he thought the pictures I took with my point and shoot camera were good enough and worth being taken by a better camera! I use a 18-105 mm f 3.5-5.6 kit lens and do my edits with Photoshop Elements v.9.
Thank you for taking your time and hope yo enjoy my work.

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