Katherine Graterol

Katherine Graterol

My name is Katherine and I am... me.
I don't like defining myself with adjectives because they're never quite right, so I'd rather let my actions and my words and my artwork define me.

We all see things when we step out into 'the world'. Over time, a lot of us want to give our opinions and share our impressions about it. Some paint murals, some write protest songs, some tell it to the plants they grow and others randomly scream it out loud.

I take bits and pieces from pictures and drawings and color pallets and written words and try to make something that will show everyone else what I want them to see, how I see things, the ideas that pop into my head.
Sometimes I use glue and scissors and sometimes I use Photoshop.

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Katherine Graterol left a comment on the picture Revelation 6:8
”I'd hang it in my livingroom if I weren't freaked out by it at night :D“
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Katherine Graterol left a comment on the picture St. Jacobi