I'm a spanish manga artist~!

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Thank you for viewing my work!
More work & info at my website

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While being an art student of Institute of Technology Bandung (ITB) I'm also working as a comic author and illustrator from Indonesia. Some of my works (comic) has been published by local publishers; ArcLyrics (2009 - on going, by 8 Studio), Fatamorgana (2010 - on going, by KOLONI), Nyu (2011, Self published, Limited edition).

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Born 1990 in Japan. Now I'm studying art and design while drawing manga-illustrations in Stockholm, Sweden.

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Alias : nekozumi
b-day : 24.07.87
location : Paris (france)
status : Digital artist, illustrator
tools : left hand , Wacom tablet A5 (Graphire 4)
programs : Paint Tool Sai, photoshop CS3

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Illustrator and mangaka.

Two characters with a cherries and flowers frame...

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Two characters in a snowstorm...

Two characters with a flowers-ribbons decoration...

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A picture with two characters with a fullmoon behind...

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A summer pic with a cat-girl riding a dolphin...

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A wolf-girl in a cute kimono

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A spring manga picture with a cute wolf-girl in it!!!