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kazumakicz has uploaded Snowflakes

First page of my other Czech comic Finding White Tiger -> http://kazumaki.deviantart.com/gallery/33125843?offset=24#/d4cegdz

kazumakicz has uploaded Tree Village

First page of one of my comics. I decided to make a picture from it.
Comics in Czech here: http://kazumaki.deviantart.com/art/Tale-Migtree-Spring-page-1-138576185

This is such a further warning about not fishing in the swamp in the treetop because your leg might slip off.

That young man was in the battle that was not succesful for him (as you can see) so he creeped away (into the near dark cave). Deathward, he slumped on the ground waiting for his end...

He will try to pull out the beet when he gets old...

kazumakicz has uploaded Cold and Ice

Brothers. Who or what has determined their destiny?
(I know that, it is written in the short story) :)

kazumakicz has uploaded Wanderer

A wanderer on his journey over the mountains.

kazumakicz has uploaded Outlaw

An elf was forced to leave his forest town by his own people into the vast Swamp where he finds his own death...

Created for a calendar. Full of sheep.

The character I draw in here is created by my friend who is an amazing artist - check out her gallery here http://dryas-juas.deviantart.com/.

kazumakicz has uploaded Stay Calm

Who will drink from the dark forest lord's swimming pole he won't leave the forest alive...

That 'fish and fish' in the water is just the reflection of that beast's eyes.

kazumakicz has uploaded Papik

Another character, man-fairy Papik, who is created by my friend on deviantart. I have always liked his wings.

The girl's battle of teddy bear -> chaos.
It is not meant to be offensive.

kazumakicz has uploaded Uhsi's Girls

Characters created by my precious friend. Alien Uhsi is the commander who leads the team including another half-android girl and one drunk prat girl. Glad it is only sci-fi.

kazumakicz has uploaded Sun

One illustration in Frank Miller style to the noir story.

kazumakicz has uploaded Alice

The portrait of a random Alice?

kazumakicz has uploaded Stair-steps

the real place - Brevnov gardens in Prague with nice view.

kazumakicz has uploaded Flea Hunter

A comic-like illustration to the short novel about flea hunter.